VGA Cable Types

VGA Cable Types

There are numerous different types of VGA cables and compatible variants.
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VGA Cable Types

There are numerous different types of VGA cables and compatible variants. Despite being an older connection standard, this reflects the fact that VGA ports are still found on a huge number of modern computers, monitors, laptops, TVs, graphics cards and other video-related peripherals and devices.

In addition to VGA and SVGA cables themselves, most manufacturers and suppliers will also offer a range of VGA cable adapters and splitters, as well as numerous other compatible connectors, features and accessories.

The main distinction you’ll need to be aware of when shopping for VGA cables is the technical difference between VGA and SVGA.

VGA cables (Video Graphics Array) carry analogue video signals and are typically designated for supporting video resolutions up to and including 640 x 480.

SVGA cables (Super Video Graphics Array, or less commonly referred to as enhanced or ‘ultra’ VGA) also carry analogue video signals but are generally used to support resolutions up to and including 800 x 600.

VGA Connector Genders

VGA connectors are gendered and come in both male (pins/plug) and female (holes/socket) variants. Most VGA cables are identified in terms of reference to the gender of connector A and connector B, or a similar naming scheme, as this allows you to select the right configuration for the connection you’re trying to make between devices.

Even so, depending on the specific type of cable in use and the precise configuration of the connection you need to make at the PC or monitor end, you may require the use of various VGA adapters, extenders and splitters in order to create a working connection for a particular setup. Widely available adapter/splitter options for gendered VGA cables include:

VGA male to male adapter

Male to female VGA adapter

Female to male VGA adapter

Female to female VGA adapter

VGA Connector and VGA Adapter Types

There is a wide range of VGA connector types available today, reflecting the number of different devices - both new and legacy - that still make use of this connection type. Increasingly, VGA connectors are used alongside or in combination with other newer standards such as DVI connectors and HDMI cables.

The terminology here is sometimes used rather interchangeably when it comes to labelling various types of VGA cable and can be a little vague. However, the basic or standard VGA connector type will usually be referred to as some variant of the following: DE-15, HD15, VGA plug, SVGA plug, D-Sub 15 or D-Subminiature, or the more generic RGB connector.

In addition to the standard D-sub connector type at one end of a VGA cable, products with various other types of adaptor or connector type at the opposite end are widely available. Common configurations of VGA cable connectors and adapter ends include:

D-Sub HD15 VGA


VGA to HDMI Cable



VGA Male to Female

VGA Female to Male


VGA to Mini-Jack

VGA to Phono